Jess Brady lives with her husband, son, and a rabble of four-legged creatures in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When not running her dog grooming business or chasing after the cutest baby in the world…she enjoys Bible study, reading, research, creating stories, cooking, podcasts, binge-watching tv, and friendly debates on hot topic issues.

She was homeschooled along with her six siblings and looks forward to becoming a second- generation homeschooling family. Growing up on a farm fueled her passion for homesteading; farming, gardening, frugality, and homemaking. Her atypical college experience following high school allowed her to finish with a certification in Pet Grooming and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Her future goals include growing her family, building a farm, pursuing a master’s degree, and becoming a published speculative fiction author. She dreams of pursing her master’s degree in Christian Education.

Jess would like to inform visitors to her home that the book hoarding situation is the fault of their incorrigible pet dragon who never makes an appearance to guests due to her extreme shyness.