January Update

Hello February 2023!

January creeped by for me despite the fact I have been busy! Caring for my son and spending less time with my husband because of his work schedule started to take a toll on me as the Christmas season ended. I usually keep my decorations up until Epiphany, but I took advantage of help to get cleaned up before New Year’s! I privately made some 2023 resolutions and have been somewhat on track with them. Here’s what else I have been up to!

  • Gained a few more dog grooming clients as I continue to work from home part time
  • Started training my sister to be a bathing/drying assistant
  • Finished reading 4 books (2 started in December) and have 7 on my currently reading stack
  • Changed my social media accounts to private and started a public bookstagram account @jess.literarylife
  • Started a live weekly zoom class on The book of Revelation with Theology Mom Krista Bontrager
  • Joined the YMCA because my husband had a discounted membership through his work

Favorite book finished this month: The Chronicles of Prydain book 5 The High King (re-read, Children’s Fantasy)

I have been blessed through a morning Bible study at a local church I have been visiting since fall of last year. We are studying the names of God and it has been a wonderful way to explore the character of our Father.

The class on Revelations has been wonderful, I will share more about it as the class progresses. We are several weeks in and have studied no commentaries yet, only historical background. The teacher has us read the whole book repeatedly as we go through the text line by line outlining main events/ ideas and writing down questions. Asking questions is the most important step before attempting to interpret It’s so difficult not to read the Bible (especially this book) with no preconceived ideas. Instead we are studying and praying as we dive into what the text says. Although mysterious, the message of Revelation is hopeful, not depressing as you might think!

How has your January been?

One thought on “January Update

  1. I totally agree about the book of Revelation! In pop culture, we always hear about the scary, End Time parts, but as Christians, the end isn’t actually the end. The pictures of Heaven and the New Earth are truly beautiful ❤


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