Abundance despite chaos…

I was delighted to discover we had wild blackberries growing near our garden! Most of our yard is chaotic brush and bramble because we have not done any landscaping since the tornado two years ago. The blackberries exploded when left to their own devices! I was surprised they had trellised up the brush, making them more accessible for picking!

Growing up, the wild blackberries that grew on my family’s homestead were a herald for summer! I have always loved picking and eating blackberries- the thorns and purple stains were worth it! There were plenty of times that I ate more than I brought inside for mom to freeze! Now, I am more efficient with my picking now because time is money! Besides, we have had record-breaking heat waves this week, so I pick early in the morning and pick ’em quick! Blackberries are high fiber and low carb! I love eating them fresh or adding to muffins, cakes, and bread.

My disastrous yard is frustrating, but I don’t have the time to get everything done right now. I never realized how much a tornado would change the landscape. With most of my large trees gone, grass and bushes have taken over. It was nice to walk out and see that we had some “free” fruit! I stumbled on abundance despite the chaos, and I just had to take a moment to praise Jesus for that!

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