Review: Stand Up, Stand Strong

I’m excited to share Sara Barratt’s brand-new book, Stand Up Stand Strong: A Call to Bold Faith In A Confused Culture! I was privileged to be on the launch team, so I was able to pre-read this book before it was released. I now also have my paperback! This book is an excellent resource for learning to see the world through a Biblical Christian lens! The author melds well-researched facts and solid theology to cover hot topics like identity, sexual orientation, social justice, addiction, and abortion. I appreciated the grace-filled, encouraging tone that pervades the pages without compromising the truth found in Christ. Although dealing with “heavy” topics, it’s not a chore to read through this book. It can be difficult to find resources (especially for teens and young adults) that lovingly present a historical Christian viewpoint without being discolored by “progressive Christian” ideas. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter are helpful!

I just finished teaching a class for high school students on developing writing skills to express a Christian worldview. I wish this book had come out in time for me to hand out to my students! It would work as a “textbook” of sorts (but not the boring kind!) This book is a must-read for Christian teens, young adults, and even parents! I have not read the author’s earlier book Love Riot, but I will now and look forward to any other books she will publish!

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