Valentine’s Day & Procuring Books

I enjoy researching the origin of holidays we celebrate as Americans! I knew that Saint Valentine is known as the patron saint of lovers, but apparently, the two historical Christians known by the name Valentine had nothing to do with hearts, lovers, or anything of the kind! They were, however, both murdered for their faith on February 14th ,269 AD by Roman Emperor Claudius.

The Loyola Treasury of the Saints is one of my newer additions to the book hoard. This beautifully illustrated hardback treasury is a compilation of short descriptions of Christian saints. It is broken up by historical periods and would make a great read-aloud for children. I have enjoyed reading through this treasury myself because I didn’t learn about the saints growing up in an Evangelical denomination. I purchased this book used, and honestly forgot about it until today, when I decided to look up St. Valentine.

 This is the 9-step process I subconsciously follow for procuring books…

  • hear/read about an interesting book
  • add it to my digital to-read shelf on Goodreads
  • check online to see if the public library has a copy (they never have the books I want!)
  • hunt for an affordable used copy
  • order it (even though I should be saving that money!)
  • add it to my “to-be-read-mountain”
  • forget about it
  • …sometime later… remembering the purchase and… experience the excitement of “finding” a new book on the mountain pile
  • finally read it 😊   

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