Houseplant Appreciation Day!

Happy Monday friends!

It’s apparently National Houseplant Appreciation Day! I took a moment to pause and appreciate the living greenery scattered through my home and snapped a few pictures. I long for the vibrancy of a summer garden on this cold day in January!

Currently, I own a peace lily (which I nearly killed but it’s now recovering), several varieties of succulents (including aloe and cactus), a hosta, an Africa violet, and an orchid. I look forward to adding to my collection in the future! I am interested in purchasing larger houseplants that will work well to improve air quality.

I would love to know if any of my readers keep houseplants and any tips on helping them thrive in low light…

2 thoughts on “Houseplant Appreciation Day!

  1. Pothos are the only low light plants I’ve been successful with–when I remember to water them, that is! I used to have a HUGE collection of African Violets as a hobby before I got married that persisted until my little tykes started dumping them over! Our move into a house with low light pretty much ended that..I hope to have more in the future🤗

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